Celebrating voluntary learning

We are working in partnership with Croydon’s Children University (CU), an organisation that signposts exciting learning activities to children that take place outside of the school day, to help more children get involved in extra-curricular activity. Participation in CU activities is voluntary and the learning always links to something children can go on to use in adult life. Through joining the CU, your child can record their activity and gain rewards once they have completed a certain number of hours of activities.


What is a learning activity?

Learning activities can include things like attending our music centres, concerts and holiday courses. Many schools run lunch-time or after-school clubs which can constitute a learning activity if they are part of the CU scheme. All of the Children's University learning activities are checked by their staff to make sure that the learning provided is high-quality.

How is activity recorded?

You can buy a ‘Passport to Learning’ through CMA or from your child’s school (if their school is part of the scheme) and a staff member will stamp the passport for the activity your child takes part in. Your child will have an online version of their passport, an E-Passport, where they can upload pictures and comments of the activities they have done and share them with other Children's University members, as well as find other activities that are available in Croydon.

Members of our centres can buy a passport through us for £3.00. Schools that are part of the scheme may have passports available at a different price, it varies with each school and organisation.

How will my child know when they have collected enough hours for a certificate?

A CMA member of staff will check their passport regularly and tell you when the next set of certificates will be handed out. For the bronze level certificate, they will need 30 hours, 65 hours for silver and 100 hours for gold. Your child will usually have the chance to be presented with their certificate at a special graduation ceremony organised by the Children's University.

Who can become a member of the Children's University and how?

Any child aged 7 - 14 who is keen to take part in activities happening outside of school hours can become a member. CMA has passports available to buy for any students attending our after school music centres. If you are not learning with us, you should talk to your school to see if they are a running the scheme and passports may be available to buy this way. If your school is not a CU learning destination, please contact your local CU Manager who will be able to give you more information on how to become a member.

How do I find out more about CMA passports?

Contact Charlene Browne-Marke - musicandarts.education@croydon.gov.uk