An advocacy programme for young people

The Croydon Youth Arts Collective (CYAC) was set up in 2015 following a consultation we delivered with Fairfield Halls and the council’s Youth Engagement team, asking young people about their thoughts on arts provision in Croydon. Read the report here.

Following the consultation, CYAC was formed. This group of self-selected young arts ambassadors set out on mission to raise the profile of the arts in Croydon. Since their formation, they have achieved a number of notable creative feats:

  • They co-designed and co-facilitated a series of consultations with young people around ‘Barriers to Youth Arts Participation’ in Croydon. Read the report here.

  • They have acted as an Advisory Board to a number of creative organisations, such as libraries, museums and Croydon for London Borough of Culture

  • They have produced three Takeover events that have showcased the work of over 40 creative organisations and enabled over 1,000 children, families and young people to access the arts

Head to CYAC’s website to find out more about this creative group of young people and their arts advocacy work:

CYAC Takeover 2017_0031.png