SoundStart Strings and MiniStrings: 
recommended for Year 2, 3 or 4

SoundStart Winds:
recommended for Year 4 or 5

Cost per term: £924.00 for 10 one hour sessions per term, other session lengths pro rata

Staffing: Two CMA teachers

Our authentic model of music making gives children choice of a wide range of instruments through our Strings and Winds programmes.  They learn on instruments specially designed for younger players (small size violins and cellos, plastic trumpets and trombones and chalumeau).

By using a combination of parental contributions, Pupil Premium funding and CMA one term discount for each class in a year group, schools can provide the two teacher Strings and Winds programmes for the cost of one teacher.


Two for the price of one and FREE instruments! 

If the school provides a year of the Ukulele or Recorder SoundStart, it is legal to ask parents to contribute the cost of the second teacher (£15 per term per pupil) for the Strings and Winds programmes.  Some schools use Pupil Premium where parents cannot afford a charge.

If the school provides our whole class programmes for all Key Stage 2, CMA will charge the single teacher rate for a term of Strings or Winds for each class in a year group.  A two form entry school will have two terms discount, a three form entry school three terms, etc.

The additional discount applies whether schools are using CMA staff or their own staff for SoundStart and Sound Progress.

The instruments are provided by a government grant.


CMA reports and Croydon Music Stars achievement provide evidence of the attributes gained through music which research has shown contributes to academic achievement (see Professor Sue Hallam’s, The Power of Music).  School music staff can cross check the development of those attributes with classroom teachers to gather evidence of impact for the use of Pupil Premium funding.