Girlhood is a youth empowerment project designed for young females, particularly from challenging backgrounds and/or with learning disabilities.

It is an eight-week workshop programme that allows participants to explore social issues like body image, health relationships and mental health in a safe and creative way. We can work with up to twelve young people to deliver creative workshops that will give participants the opportunity to explore these issues. Activities include arts and crafts, creative writing, drama and dance.

The project is intended for girls in year 6 and above. It will be facilitated by Izzy Bianchini, Arts Development Manager at CMA, and SEN/D specialist youth worker, Rose Swainston. Both are JNC qualified youth workers. It was piloted in 2016 at Caxton Youth Organisation, Westminster. We had many successful outcomes: increased confidence, resilience and leadership skills in participants. The programme is still running today.


The cost for this project is £1,374.00. This includes the delivery of eight two-hour workshops with two staff, planning time and resources. If you are interested in the project but are not able to meet the full cost, please contact us.

For further information, contact Izzy Bianchini -, 020 8681 0909.