Why hire an instrument?

Hiring an instrument is designed to let beginners try out their chosen instrument before their parents/carers buy one.

Having an instrument at home to practise on is crucial to the development of the pupil.

We recommend that once your child has been learning for more than one year, that you consider purchasing a instrument. When you wish to buy one you can use our Instrument Assisted Purchase Scheme where you can buy the instrument free of VAT.

Instruments available

We have a limited number of instruments and availability of an instrument cannot be guaranteed.

Instrument hire is not available for: piano, keyboard, ukulele, recorder, guitar, saxophone or drum kit.

Cost of Hire

£10 for the first term or part term

£25 per term thereafter

£10 per term for pupils who received Free School Meals

Free for Looked After Children

Free for ‘endangered species’ instruments (oboe, bassoon, French horn, double bass) where pupils are members of a CMA music centre.


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