Our Instrumental Teaching Assistants are members of Croydon Young Musicians and help out at our Saturday centre with our beginner musicians, as well as other CMA events! Read about them below.



Hi, I’m Claire, I play the Trumpet and the French Horn. I am in the Brass Ensemble, Jazz Band, Youth Orchestra and Youth Winds. At work, I love helping young musicians achieve their full potential.


I have been playing the clarinet since I was nine and now play in CYW and CYO. I love helping younger musicians learn and seeing their confidence grow, and I enjoy playing with them in the various groups we have at the Saturday centre. 


I've played the flute for 10 years, 7 spent in Croydon Youth Orchestra. I've had so much fun playing in ensembles while learning and it's rewarding to be able to help the next generation of young musicians.



Hi, I'm Jonathan and I play the cello in the Croydon Youth Orchestra. I love helping out the cello star class as there's a huge emphasis on fun and getting to know each other!


Hi, I play the trumpet and saxophone. I play in Youth Orchestra and Wind Band, and I really enjoy being an ITA because we get to see other young people grow and develop as musicians


Hi, I play the saxophone and piano. I play in Jazz Band, Wind Band and Concert Orchestra. One of the things I enjoy about being an ITA is that I can see young people flourish and become talented musicians!



Hi, I play the violin and viola and am part of Croydon Youth Orchestra. Being an ITA is amazing; as well as teaching young children I am inspired by their curiosity and hunger to learn.




I play double bass in the Youth Orchestra and bass guitar in the Jazz Band. I also help out as an ITA in many other ensembles. I love watching everyone enjoying themselves and having fun!