We offer music lessons in many Croydon schools, usually from year 3 upwards.

This is how our application process works: 

  • Submit an application form online or by downloading a form and returning to us. 
  • Once received, your child will be added to our waiting list and you will receive a confirmation email.
  • We review the waiting lists every half term, so we start pupils at the beginning of a term or after a half-term.
  • The waiting lists work on a first come, first served basis. Children are offered lessons when a teacher has availability in their timetable, so sometimes we are not able to take pupils on at the first waiting list review.
  • When we are able to offer your child lessons, you will receive an offer letter and invoice for the first term in the post. This will also include any forms you have requested in your application, such as for instrument hire or fee remissions.
  • We require payment for the term in advance. Lessons cannot begin until payment has been received.

Search for your school to see the music lessons we offer:

If we don’t teach the instrument you want to learn, click here to contact us.