Your child may be learning one of the instruments below in a class lesson at school. Here are some tips for buying one for home, so your child can enjoy our online learning too.


We recommend a nylon strung guitar for playing at primary school.  The guitar is used for strumming chords and playing melodies and is used in all sorts of music; classical, folk and popular.  Guitarists will often also play steel strung acoustic guitars and electric guitars.

Thinking of buying a guitar?

We recommend buying a Classical Guitar, the brand we purchase are Valencia.

Local shops which sell guitars include Martin Phelps Music and Normans.



We recommend a keyboard with full size keys.  The keyboard can play chords and melodies and is used in many types of popular music and jazz.  Keyboard players can go on to play and learn the piano too.

Thinking of buying a keyboard?

We recommend buying a keyboard with full size keys, such as this Axus 25 package.

Local shops which sell keyboards include Martin Phelps Music and Normans.



Beginner recorders are plastic but more advanced players prefer  a wooden recorder for its sound quality.  It can lead naturally on to learning other instruments in the woodwind family.  Children can play all types of music on the recorder.  Advanced players particularly enjoy exploring how the recorder is used in early classical music.

Thinking of buying a Recorder?

We recommend a Aulos Descant recorder.

Local shop which sell recorders include Jonathan Myall and Normans.



The ukulele is mostly used for strumming chords.  With four strings it is simpler than the guitar (which has six) and ukulele players often go on to play the guitar too.  It is used in popular and folk music for its distinctive sound.

Thinking of buying a ukulele?

We recommend buying the Rocket Soprano ukulele.

Local shops which sell ukulele include Martin Phelps Music and Normans.



The tin whistle is slightly simpler than the recorder and played in the same way.  It is used in English and Celtic folk music and also in South African kwela – a type of jazz.  It can be played in popular music (we hear it every Christmas in Fairy Tale of New York by the Pogues!) and, like the recorder, can lead naturally to other instruments in the woodwind family.

Thinking of buying a tin whistle?

We recommend buying a Generation Whistle in D (nickel or brass).

Tin whistles are available to buy from local shop, Jonathan Myall.