Pupils in our whole class programmes, and their parents and carers, are kept informed of possible future learning opportunities.  This includes the instruments which can be learnt in their school, the beginner Star Classes available centrally for any instruments not available in school, and the ensembles and choir at our Saturday morning music centre.

Progression in small group or individual tuition is encouraged through:

  • Acknowledging and rewarding progress through Croydon Music Stars
  • Encouraging independent learning at home with CMA online learning materials
  • Schools supporting through providing performance opportunities, presenting Croydon Music Stars certificates and use of Pupil Premium

CMA reports and Croydon Music Stars achievement provide evidence of the attributes gained through music which research has shown contributes to academic achievement (see Professor Sue Hallam’s, The Power of Music).  School music staff can cross check the development of those attributes with classroom teachers to gather evidence of impact for the use of Pupil Premium funding.